Time Does Not Heal Everything

One day very early on in our friendship, Lauryn and I were walking back to the dorms and out of nowhere, we both started skipping, with the EXACT same foot, timing, and height. Super random, but I remember when that happened, we both turned to each other and made the same facial expression. In that moment, I knew that we were best friends. Since then, we have been caught saying the same thing simultaneously, highlighting the same scriptures, taking the same notes, and basically doing the same thing 24/7. The part that really freaks us out is that we have very similar circumstances when it comes to our trials and tribulations.

Lauryn is my partner in crime, and she's that friend. She's the friend you always want to tell everything to. The friend you imagine yourself making terrible jokes with even when you're 80 years old. The friend you empathize with so much that when you see them in pain, it physically hurts you just as much.

You get the point. Lauryn and I are very close, and we tell each other everything. One of the first things we really clicked with is our current/past relationships. Lauryn and I have discovered that relationships and love get very real after high school. Of course, many high school relationships can be serious as well, but there's something about being over 18 that makes love a little bit exciting and a lot a bit terrifying. More than anything, it's just plain confusing. We are often told that time heals everything, even heartache. What I've come to know is that time most definitely does not heal everything. Sometimes, time is what causes all hell to break loose in a relationship, because when the timing isn't perfect between two people who are perfect for each other, it just might not work out.

The phrase "times heals all wounds" implies that if you wait long enough, things will fix themselves. But the harsh reality is that you can have all time and eternity in the palm of your hands, but if you don't make some decisions and take action, you won't get the result you want. Even then, if you do try your  best, time may even make it so that you can't have what you want. With this knowledge, there is also so much beauty in life. So here's my advice:

1.) In life, it's all on you to go and DO. Put in the effort and take initiative to get where you need to be. Don't wait for life to happen to you; make life happen! You can either be a thermometer, or a thermostat.

2.) Never live your life waiting on someone else. Whether it be a boy, your family, your friends, your time here on this earth is so precious, there is no time to be waiting for someone else. Live your life in the present, always moving forward, and hopefully the very best people will be able to catch up with you.

Time doesn't heal everything, but you certainly can.

I think it's amazing when you find a friendship like this. Lo, this one is definitely for you. We'll get through these trials together. Heavenly Father is on our side! 


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