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I've Found True Love

February 14th is a day that I dreaded all throughout middle and high school. For one thing, I did not date in middle school, but even by high school, Valentine's Day became excruciatingly miserable. My sophomore year, I was asked to be someone's valentine, with a red rose and all, and I said no. My junior year, I was left a very creepy serial-killer style note from a secret admirer. By my senior year, I let it publicly be known on Twitter that I wanted nothing to do with Valentine's Day or even gestures of endearment. Here in 2016, things are a bit different. Once and for all, I have found true love, and it is oh so sweet to know I have a valentine.

One of my favorite motivational/leadership speakers of all time is a man named Houston Kraft. When I first heard him speak in 2013, he discussed the topic of love. In particular, the 4 types of Greek love. Typically, Valentine's Day is correlated with eros, or intimate love, however in 2016, I've fallen in love in the o…