I've Found True Love

February 14th is a day that I dreaded all throughout middle and high school. For one thing, I did not date in middle school, but even by high school, Valentine's Day became excruciatingly miserable. My sophomore year, I was asked to be someone's valentine, with a red rose and all, and I said no. My junior year, I was left a very creepy serial-killer style note from a secret admirer. By my senior year, I let it publicly be known on Twitter that I wanted nothing to do with Valentine's Day or even gestures of endearment. Here in 2016, things are a bit different. Once and for all, I have found true love, and it is oh so sweet to know I have a valentine.

One of my favorite motivational/leadership speakers of all time is a man named Houston Kraft. When I first heard him speak in 2013, he discussed the topic of love. In particular, the 4 types of Greek love. Typically, Valentine's Day is correlated with eros, or intimate love, however in 2016, I've fallen in love in the other three ways.

Storge: love, affection, especially of parents and children
So, love of family. I've hardly had a perfect family growing up, but hardly anyone does. This year, I'm asking my family to be my valentine. I'm asking them to come together and love each other, because I love them dearly, and family is everything.

Philia: affection regard, friendship, love usually between equals
Friend love. This kind of love is totally my jam. I am all about hopping onto the bandwagon for Galentine's Day and Palentine's Day.  How important is it to have strong friendships? In the past couple of weeks back from winter break, I've made some friends that I am positive are going to last a lifetime. Lauryn, Shelby, Jasmine, will you be my Valentines?

Agape: brotherly love, charity, love of God for man and man for God
My particular favorite, is the only love that is truly a choice. I love my Father in Heaven, and I love Christ (my main man JC). I love charity, and giving. I've fallen so deeply in love with it, that I want to pursue it as a career! And finally, I love those who need it most. To be able to give love to those who are hurt, those who hurt us, and those who we don't know personally, is an incredible blessing.

So, no, I am not in a relationship. Nonetheless, I have fallen in love in 2016. I've found true love in the world and the simple blessings around me. Let's spend this year keeping Valentine's Day about love, and not about relationships. Make the decision to love those around you! So here's to 2016, the year of self love, friend love, family love, and simply choosing love.

Addendum: I'm sending love to those who actually ARE in relationships and doing the traditional cutesy couple stuff. You rock too.

Here is a quality photo of my galentines and I! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, and I'm wishing everyone a joyful and love filled day. Lauryn and I will be spending the evening babysitting some adorable children, so I guess you could say I am PUMPED! 


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